New Hope Church

Pastor’s Book Recommendation


The New American Standard Bible (NASB) — Translated in 1971 by 58 scholars of the Lockman Foundation, from Kittle’s Biblia Hebraica and Nestle’s Greek New Testament 23rd ed., which include the Alexandrian Family codices. Though academic in tone, it is said to be the most exact English translation available. A very good version.

The Living Bible (TLB) — A paraphrased rendition of the King James Version by Kenneth Taylor in 1971. This is not a genuine translation, but is a type of phrase-by-phrase commentary that was originally intended to help the author’s own children understand the scriptures. It is useful for inspiration and commentary, but for serious Bible study it should only be used in conjunction with a legitimate translation.

The New International (Original) Version (NIVO) — Over 100 translators completed this work in 1978 which was composed from Kittle’s, Nestle’s and United Bible Society’s texts, which include the Alexandrian Family codices. This is considered an “open” style translation. It is a good, easy to read version.

The New King James Version (NKJV) — 130 translators, commissioned by Thomas Nelson Publishers, produced this version from the Byzantine family (Textus Receptus) in 1982. This is a revision of the King James version, updated to modern English with minor translation corrections and retention of traditional phraseology. This is a very good version.


  • True Spirituality – Frances Schaeffer
  • The Mark of the Christian – Frances Schaeffer
  • The God Who Is There – Frances Schaeffer
  • He Is There and He Is Not Silent – Frances Schaeffer
  • How Should We Then Live – Frances Schaeffer
  • Making Sense of God – Timothy Keller
  • Knowing God – J.I.Packer
  • Heaven Taken By Storm – Thomas Watson
  • 2,000 Years of Christ’s Power – Nick Needham (Four Volumes of Church History)
  • Crazy Love – Francis Chan
  • The Forgotten Ways – Alan Hirsch
  • Experiencing God Devotional – Henry Blackaby
  • What Is a Healthy Church? – Mark Dever
  • Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis