New Hope Church

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple... We have a genuine desire to grow in our relationship with God and authentically demonstrate HIS LOVE…FOR US…TO OTHERS; in doing so we will nourish spiritual growth as we spread the Gospel, share in fellowship and make disciples.


Digging Deeper

Nourish Spiritual Growth – Our church, as the body of Christ, seeks to nourish all in true Spiritual growth; providing a nurturing and encouraging environment where every individual in the body continues to grow strong in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, loving God and loving others.

Spread the GospelOur desire is to be salt and light to a dark and dying world, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ so that others may experience the second birth into a relationship with the living God.

Make DisciplesJust as Christ made disciples, so does His church, the body of Christ, make disciples; teaching them to love God and others, promoting the unity of the faith in love.

Share in FellowshipTrue Christian fellowship is the true “bond” of believers which emanates from God through His church, taking that heavenly love we have for Him and exercising it with one another on earth.