New Hope Church

What We Believe

We affirm the Nicene and Apostle’s Creed and believe that the Bible is the authoritative and infallible Word of God, the rule of faith and life. Our beliefs drive our mission and what it means to us as a church.

Our mission is simple… We have a genuine desire to grow in our relationship with God and authentically demonstrate HIS LOVE…FOR US…TO OTHERS; in doing so we will nourish spiritual growth as we spread the Gospel, share in fellowship and make disciples.

Nourish Spiritual GrowthWhat it means to us:

We are a church where the heart, soul, and mind are fed in our worship to God and our loving fellowship with one another.  We nourish spiritual growth: in our worship, when we spread the Gospel to others, in making disciples, by sharing in fellowship, and doing the mission of the church.  We look to keep our spiritual batteries charged and recharged, watering the body with the living Word.  We yearn to continually strengthen and build our relationship with God so that each individual flourishes and interacts with one another forming the living, breathing, body of Christ, the church, animated and moving to do the will of God.

Spread the GospelWhat it means to us:

We recognize our calling to share Jesus Christ with others.  We want to proclaim the good news that whosoever believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior shall not perish, but have eternal life.  We long to live lives that reflect Christ to others in our words and actions, to display Christ in the way we interact with the world, and to have the courage to communicate the exciting and life saving message of our Lord and Savior to another human being.

Make DisciplesWhat it means to us:

We follow the example and command of Christ to make disciples and teach them to obey all He has taught.  We know that discipleship starts with a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, but continues on throughout our lives as we draw closer and closer in genuine relationship with Him.  A Christian disciple is one who is under the teaching, and follows the precepts and instructions of their master, Jesus Christ.  The church has an obligation, privilege, and responsibility to teach its members the Word of God, so that they may be blessed with discernment, wisdom, and knowledge as the Holy Spirit guides all to greater illumination of God’s Holy revelation; creating greater unity and love in the church.

Share in FellowshipWhat it means to us:

Fellowship is deeper than just sharing activities or evening suppers with one another, anyone can do that.  We long to have that fellowship that is thicker than water or blood, the realization that we are bound together as the children of God, true brothers and sisters in Christ.  We long to give like Christ gave…giving love to one another without expecting it back, unconditional love, “agape” love, the love of God.  We want to have the servant heart of Jesus; encouraging, loving, and forgiving one another.  If the world sees that kind of love in action they will see God.