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Pastor Tom BellhyPastor's Message

Upcoming Activities at New Hope Church

August 3, 2018

As we continue our ministry journey into 2018 here is what's going on at New Hope!

  • LIFE 2.0: On Saturday August 18, 9-11am, we continue our monthly study on the transforming power of your new life in Christ; the abundant life as a disciple of Jesus. Please participate on the first Saturday of every month throughout 2018.
  • 2018 DAILY BIBLE READING: Please share Pastor Tom’s Daily Reading through the New Testament email. If you are not receiving the daily email for the day’s reading, please contact Pastor Tom at
  • NEW HOPE CITY CENTER: Our ministry at 47 North Main Street in the heart of the city with a heart for those who desperately need the hope the light of Christ brings. New Hope City Center's HARMONY HOUSE CAFÉ  serves breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday 8:00am to 2:00pm and is a ministry that happens to be a cafe. Come and volunteer your time to minister, cook, clean, serve…even a few hours each week would be very helpful.
  • CITY MISSION CHAPEL SERVICE: Thursday, August 9, 6:00pm 
  • BASKET OF LOVE: Each month we reach out to a family in need of physical and spiritual sustenance with a “Basket of Love” full of food, Bible and/or spiritual readings. See Lisa Weaver or the Deacons for more info.
  • SUNDAY LUNCH SIGN-UPS: Next to the door entering Fellowship Hall, for coordination of bringing food.

Join us as we look to learn more about God, understand who God is, find out how we can actually listen to God "speak" to that we hear Him in our lives and walk in the footsteps of Jesus on our mission to spread the message of how our lives have been changed through Christ.

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Tom

Pastor Tom Bellhy